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Clark School of Engineering VR and Panoramas

Virtual Tour

This VR movie is of the area in front of Glenn L. Martin Hall, and consists of the 3 panoramas shown below. You can click from one area to another within the VR, or view the panoramas separately.

Glenn L. Martin Hall is also known as the "Engineering Classroom Building".



To view a 360 degree panorama of the Clark School of Engineering area as well as some other interesting places on campus, Click on the thumbnails images to open the QuickTime VR movies.
Then, drag your mouse to pan left or right, or click on hotspots to enter another room. You can also zoom in an out with the +/- buttons.

The "virtual tour" movies have "hot spots" that link to other areas or rooms. They are actually multiple movies combined into one, so the file size is rather large. It is best to view these with a high speed connection like T1, cable or DSL.

If you would like to see where these places are on a campus map and connect to the VR tours from there, see the VR Map.

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