StartupUMD Business Fundamentals Workshops

What: A series of hands-on workshops developed collaboratively by UM Ventures, Mtech, and Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship specifically for UMD faculty and graduate students to teach business concepts and skills, startup resources and how to take advantage of them, legal issues surrounding startups and many other practical know-how. Most workshops are offered two separate times during a week to allow for a more flexible schedule.

Place: unless noted otherwise, workshops are held at Startup UMD Diamondback Garage, 7878 Diamondback Drive, College Park, MD . Diamondback Garage is located in the back of The Hotel, an easy walk from many campus location. However if you decide to drive, please park in the surface lot behind The Hotel as parking is significantly cheaper than the hotel's garage. Faculty and staff with UMD parking permits may also park in Lot K2 behind the WeWork building (please check your permit to make sure that K2 is your overlfow lot).





Startups and Banks: Business Banking, Line of Credit, Working Capital and Other Things Startup Owners Need to Know

Presenters: John Halley, M&T Bank

When: March 1, 3:00-4:00 PM Register 


The many types of businesses, corporate structures, and financing options

There are many types of businesses: lifestyle, high-growth, non-profits etc. This workshop will explain different corporate structures and appropriate ways to finance each.

Presenter: Tami Howie, DLA Piper 

When: March 5, 3:00-4:00 PM Register


NEW! Business Research Databases at UMD: How and Where

Trying to figure out size of your market, competition, industry analysis can be a daunting task. University of Maryland Libraries offers free subscriptions to many databases on broad business topics, such as industry reports, company information, demographics and statistics, marketing, finance and investment and many others. Lily Griner, a long time Business Librarian, will teach how to access and use these resources. 

Presenter: Lily Griner, UMD Libraries

When: March 12, 10-11 AM REGISTER


NEW! CEO, CTO, CFO, CMO...CxO: What Do These People Do at a Startup and When Does the Business Need Them?

Building a great startup team is critical to the success of your company as evidenced by the fact that most experienced investors say they invest in people and teams, not technologies. This workshop will help you understand what are the roles that these key positions play within a startup and how do they change and evolve as the business grows. 

Presenter: Doug Humphrey, Entrepreneur in Residence

When: March 14, 12-1 PM REGISTER


NEW! Startup Guide for Faculty/Researchers at UMD

University of Maryland and the State of Maryland have an abundance of resources for aspiring entrepreneurs. This workshop will provide an overview of the resources and programs, and a suggested path to navigate them in the most efficient way. The workshop is designed specifically for faculty and graduate student startups based on university innovations. 

When: March 27, 2019, 10:00-11:00 AM REGISTER


NEW! Business Lingo for Scientists

Does this sound like a foreign language to you: TAM, Margins, LVC, Burn Rate, Customer Churn, EBIDTA, Product/Market fit etc.? This workshop will help you understand basic business terminology to prepare you for your conversations with VCs, banks, and potential business partners. 

Presenter: Alla McCoy, MBA

When: March 28, 12:00-1:00 PM REGISTER



NEW! Hindsight Is 20/20: Common Mistakes Inventors And Start-Ups Make In Protecting Their Innovation

The presentation covers common missteps inventors and start-ups make in building their patent portfolio.  The presentation will provide a brief introduction to intellectual property--so you can tell the difference between a patent, a trademark and a copyright.

Presenter: Keisha Hylton-Rodic, Ph.D., J.D. , Attorney-at-Law, HYLTON-RODIC LAW PLLC

When: April 2, 12:00-1:00 PM Register


NEW! NEW! Registering Your Company and Other Corporate Housekeeping

You are ready to make it official and register your startup as a legal entity! Now what? Learn about different types of legal business structures (such as LLC, Corporation, Partnership etc.) and what to consider when choosing the right structure for your business. Other issues to consider:

  • Who should be founding members of the startup?
  • What is operating agreement and do I need it?
  • What is cap table? 
  • When do I need business license and how do I get it? 
  • What other regulatory items do I need to take care of? 

Presenter: Anthony Millin, Shulman Rogers

When: April 9, 9-10 AM REGISTER

10-11 AM Legal Office Hours, 1-1 sessions with attorneys. Registration link will be provided to all registered workshop attendees.


How to Pitch: Telling Your Story

Experienced entrepreneur, angel investor, and business coach will talk about best way to present your startup or a business idea.

Presenter: Glen Hellman aka Mr. Cranky

When: April 15, 3:00-4:00 PM Register 


How Equity Investments Work: Angels and VCs

Learn from an experienced venture capitalist how equity investments work, difference between VCs and angel investors, how do they invest, what their expectation is, and what you need to know.

Presenter: Stan Smith 

When: April 19, 10:00-11:00 AM Register


NEW! Quick Scaling Your Way to Entrepreneurship

You don't need a complicated business plan, pitch VCs, or rent fancy office space to become an entrepreneur. With today's online manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution platforms it is fairly easy to quickly launch a lifestyle business that requires minimum investment or overhead, yet can generate a nice revenue stream. This platform can be scaled to a full time business. Learn how to use these e-commerce platforms and what kind of business ideas can be implemented. 

Presenter: Harry Geller, Entrepreneur in Residence 

When: April 23, 11 AM-12 PM REGISTER


How to Pitch Angels and VCs

Stan Smith is an experienced VC who has heard many good and bad pitches from countless entrepreneurs. In this workshop you will learn how to create and present a pitch that would impress a potential investor.

Presenter: Stan Smith

When: April 25, 10:00 AM Register


Accounting 101 for Startups

Presenters: Cheryl Y. Heusser, CPA, CFE, and Barbara Murphy Kromer, CPA, SnyderCohn

When: April 30, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM Register


Watch for these additional workshops to be scheduled: 

  • Registering Your Company & Other Corporate Housekeeping
  • Funding your startup: SBIR
  • How to select startup CEO?
  • Founder Happy Hour



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