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Mixed/Augmented/Virtual Reality Innovation Conference
Wednesday, October 17, 2018
9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Samuel Riggs IV Alunmi Center
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Mixed/Augmented/Virtual Reality Innovation Conference (MAVRIC)

Wednesday-Thursday, October 17-18, 2018

Building on the theme of Present Realities – Virtual Futures, the speakers will highlight the innovation in and application of Immersive Media technologies across the spectrum of Commercial, Governmental, Educational and Journalistic endeavors on the East Coast. 

By bringing together the governmental decision-makers, the corporate and independent developers, and the researchers pushing the boundaries of the possible in AR, VR, and MR, MAVRIC will provide a unique opportunity to learn from and network with experts and peers looking at the practical applications for XR technologies. 

The website lists the full lineup; here are just a few of the presentations:

Collaborative VR supporting Cybersecurity with a group from Army Research Lab

Leveraging XR Technology to Further Social Impact Goals with Games for Change Director, Susanna Pollack

Succeeding Your Way Out of Business In VR: A How-To by Demetri Detsardis, creator of Catan VR

Augmented Reality: Making Surgery Safer with Dr. Sarah Murthi and Dr. Amitabh Varshney

Disinformation in Future Reality with NYC Media Director, Justin Hendrix

Fostering an XR Community in the Enterprise by Nick DeMatt at JHU APL

and technical discussions with Drs. Ming Lin, Dinesh Manocha, and Matthias Zwicker


Pre-registration ends on October 10; register today



This Event is For: Public • Campus • All Students • Graduate • Undergraduate • Faculty • Staff • Post-Docs • Alumni • Corporate • Donors • Press


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