UMD Startups

The following companies have been started with technologies licensed from the University of Maryland.

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FY 2019

RenOVAte Biosciences, Inc. is a University of Maryland startup focused on performing sophisticated and precision genome editing and genetic engineering in livestock species, to address critical priorities of animal and human health. The company is is actively engaged in performing regenerative medicine studies, such as testing the safety and efficacy of transplantation in pig models.

Graphene Waves, LLC developed innovative technology that has simplified the production of high quality graphene material at high yields. This has consequently led to the production and use commercial standard, quantum Hall resistance devices at a fraction of the cost than current conventional methods.

Inventwood, LLC's cellulose-based nanotechnologies are transforming today's most commonly-used products, creating superior, more natural goods while building a more sustainable future for generations to come. Current product lineup includes Transparent Wood, Mettle Wood, and Insulating Wood.

FY 2018

MBlue Labs is a Univesity of Maryland startup offering Bluelene™, a line of revolutionary anti-aging skin care products powered by methylene blue. This line of products has been scientifically shown to preserve skin cell health better than any other anti-oxidant skin formulation. Bluelene™ stimulates skin cells to produce both collagen and elastin.

Airgility, Inc. is creating multi-mission vehicles that can make a big impact across many industries. Whether delivering medical supplies, conducting search and rescue, or protecting our borders, Airgility desires to provide the best-in-class, hybrid, unmanned aerial systems that offer broad operational impact and logistics....or as they call it, Mission as a Service (MaaS)ᵀᴹ.

Freestate Optics is the maker of Plate Vision, the world's first smart home plate utilizing the latest optical technology for baseball. It tracks balls, strikes, pitch trajectory and speed, all displayed in real time on any device. 

Innovo BioPolymers, LLC plans to leverage its powerful macromolecular and nanoengineering platform to develop its own pipeline of delivery systems, and collaborate with biopharmaceutical companies for their further advancement.Its initial focus is on the development of novel immunomodulators and vaccine delivery systems. Innovo has already generated an array of potent immunoadjuvants, which have been validated in various animal models for a number of important viral and bacterial antigens.

Pedalogic, LLC is an ed-tech startup focused on creating innovative teaching tools for K-12 market. 

FY 2017

IonQ, Inc. is a University of Maryland and Duke University start-up created to develop and commercialize the world's first fully expressive, full-stack quantum computer based on trapped ions. Quantum computing is the next frontier in scientific and technological advancement which promises unparalleled access and power to simulate, probe, and analyze problems practically out of reach of any conceivable classical computer. IonQ is assembling a team of the world's foremost experts in ion-trap quantum computing with the goal of developing a truly scalable, multipurpose quantum computer for modern problems such as cryptography, genome analysis, search and optimization, and fast and efficient quantum simulations.

PaverGuide, Inc., is a University of Maryland startup offering PaverGuide™, a stuctural base for paving systems allowing to make any sidewalk or patio permeable. It is manufactured from recycled plastic and exceeds H-20 loading. PaverGuide™ is installed faster and cheaper than the stone it replaces, and at 90% void, it provides a massive rainwater reservoir and expansive infiltration surface. Clean water is the company's ultimate goal.

VersaVolt is a startup company formed to commercialize a flexible, safe, and inexpensive battery to power small "smart" devices, multi-node networks, low-power medical devices, wearables, and underwater applications. VersaVolt batteries are "green," nonflammable, work underwater, offer important performance benefits, are flat and flexible, safe in operation, and have superior shelf life when stored dry. VersaVolt has exclusively licensed UMD's rights in the technology and is working with industry partners to enter into a variety of markets in need of the technology.

Mobile Comfort, Inc. is a University of Maryland start-up created to commercialize a personal air conditioning device called RoCo, short for roving comforter. Mobile Comfort has licensed the RoCo technology and associated intellectual property which was developed in the Clark School’s Center for Environmental Energy Engineering (CEEE) with funding from the Department of Energy. RoCo is a battery powered personal air conditioning system which provides supreme personal thermal management for people in inadequately or un-conditioned environments by storing its waste heat internally so it does not require fixed ventilation. It is equipped with a robotic nozzle, is portable, and can used anywhere.

Living Canopies Ltd. is a University of Maryland start-up created to commercialize a smart patio umbrella with a vegetated canopy. Living Canopies has licensed the Smart Living Umbrella technology and associated intellectual property which was developed in the Department of Environmental Science & Technology of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Smart Living Umbrella supports a canopy of flowering plants to shade and please patrons on restaurant patios and other users in outdoors settings. It combines a support structure, a set of easily replaceable plant-panel-pods with fully grown plants, and a solar powered smart irrigation to create a living umbrella. This self-contained system is easy to maintain, saves water, enables the soil to be located above patrons’ heads while freeing up floor space, and offers a beautiful, mobile, widely deployable, living shade canopy.

Ion Storage Systems, LLC is a University of Maryland start-up created to commercialize an intrinsically safe, robust, low cost, and high energy solid state lithium-ion battery. Ion Storage Systems has licensed a solid-state lithium-ion battery technology and associated intellectual property which was developed in the University of Maryland Energy Research Center. The new design integrates high conductivity garnet-type solid lithium-ion electrolytes and electrodes into tailored micro- or nano- structures. The key ingredient of the new design is a surface coating that remarkably decreases the interfacial resistance of the electrode-electrolyte interface and improves the binding of lithium metal with garnet solid electrolyte. The result is increased discharge ability without mechanical cycling fatigue combined with improved thermal uniformity, strength, weight, and form factor. Fabrication processes that use conventional ceramic processing equipment in ambient air without the need of dry rooms, vacuum deposition, or glove boxes lead to significantly lower manufacturing costs.

FY 2016

Hazel Analytics: founded by a diverse team of computer scientists and economists, Hazel Analytics provides a suite of web-based automated tools that gather, integrate, standardize, and enable rich reporting and data analytics capabilities for regulatory food safety inspections of 1+ million retail outlets, including restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, food trucks, and institutional cafes.

pathOtrak, LLC is a University of Maryland start-up that has licensed a technology that enables the rapid and accurate separation of food-borne pathogens, such as bacteria, from complex samples. This portable and easy-to-use technology uses a microfluidic chip device to bypass time-consuming processing steps to separate and test food-borne pathogens from unprocessed samples. Consequently, this technology offers speedy detection of any food contamination before the food reaches the consumers.

Behavioral Activation Tech, LLC (BAT) has licensed technological adaptations of evidence-based psychological treatments for low mood and associated disorders. BAT has received funding from both the Maryland Innovation Initiative (MII) and the National Institute of Mental Health’s Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program to develop mobile application adaptations of Brief Behavioral Activation Treatment for Depression, an evidence-based psychotherapy. The overall goal of BAT’s products is to disseminate evidence-based treatments for mental health concerns.

North American Wave Engine Corporation, a University of Maryland start-up, has licensed a university developed technology that substantially improves the design of valve-less pulse combustors also known as pulse jet engines. Compared to operating a traditional single combustor or two uncoupled pulse jet engines, the new design and method of operating pulse combustors produce less noise and vibration. This, in turn, enables a variety of practical applications in aircraft propulsion and other fields. North American Wave Engine Corporation won the Phase 1 Technology Validation award from TEDCO’s Maryland Innovation Initiative Commercialization Program to demonstrate the utility of the technology for a specific commercial application.

Archimedes Bioengineering, LLC is a collaborative effort between University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP), Children’s National Medical Center, and a private company. Archimedes is based on a portfolio of patent pending diagnostic technologies that enable the detection of aminoacidopathy disorders such as, Hyperammonemia, Phenylketonuria (PKU), Maple Syrup Urine Disease, and Aminoacidemia which are a group of metabolic disorders that result from the build-up of one or more amino acids in the blood and/or urine. These metabolic disorders may be caused by defects in enzymatic pathways that inhibit the metabolism of the certain amino acids. Using different diagnostic device designs and embodiments, Archimedes hopes to revolutionize the point-of-care market for aminoacidopathy diagnostics.

ElectroMed, LLC has licensed the Quick-Release Self-Contained Medical Electrode (US Patent 8,897,853) developed by students at the Fischell Department of Bioengineering. This novel electrode achieves five goals in having increased hydrogel adhesiveness, combining the electrode and adhesive remover in a single unit, greatly reducing removal force required, eliminating leftover residue, and whose removal would not compromise local tissues in sensitive skin situations. These properties make the electrode ideal for burn victims and neonates as it strongly adheres to damaged and growing skin while not injuring delicate skin during removal.

Aeroseed, LLC has a license to an advanced micro-scale vertical flyer. The flyer’s unique maple seed shaped wing design permits it to maneuver omnidirectionally with a 360 degree field of view camera, all while maintaining an extremely small visible airborne footprint. The micro-air vehicle (MAV) technology is controllable from long distances (up to 1.5 miles) and has been fitted with a simple payload. The flyer can be controlled using a traditional radio-frequency (RF) controller or an iPhone/iPad software application.

Rakta Therapeutics, Inc. has licensed the rights to a series of small molecules for the treatment of leishmaniasis, one of the World Health Organizations neglected tropical diseases. Spread by bites sandflies, the Leshmania protozoan are the cause of the disease. Leishmaniasis affects millions of people worldwide and results in tens of thousands of deaths each year. Previous research at the University of Maryland has identified that Leshmania were unable to synthesize heme, a molecule essential for cellular function. Since these protozoans cannot synthesize heme, the parasitic protozoan must absorb heme from their hosts. Through further collaboration with the University of Maryland, Baltimore, the researchers developed inhibitors of the Leshmania heme transport mechanism. Rakta Therapeutics has licensed these inhibitors with the goal of developing the compounds into effective treatments for leishmaniasis.

Mukh Technologies is a University of Maryland start-up is based on a university developed technology for face detection and recognition, landmarks localization, gender recognition, and pose estimation. The company is working on developing security solutions for mobile devices.

FY 2015

Calabash Biosciences is based on a technology that uses novel molecular containers for efficient drug delivery applications. These molecular containers first conceived and created by University of Maryland’s (UMCP) investigators improve the solubilization of drugs and allow them to be easily accessed by the body. The enhanced solubilization makes them superior to the currently available cyclodextrixn class of compounds. Calabash was initiated as a follow-up to collaborative research efforts between investigators at the UMCP and Mass General Hospital. Their collaboration involved the study of drug solubilization applications, in particular, the reversal of neuromuscular blocking (NMB) or anesthesia inducing agents. Calabash is in the process of developing new formulations for a variety of currently available drugs in the market.

MF FireMF Fire licensed the Mulciber Stove, the first Automated Ultra-Clean wood stove. The Mulciber Stove uses a forced-air combustion system, a smart controller, and advanced combustion techniques to reduce emissions, boost efficiency, and simplify user experience. Traditional wood stoves rely on the fire to regulate combustion airflow, resulting in harmful particulate emissions, wasteful inefficiencies, and the need for constant user attention. In contrast, the Mulciber Stove’s forced-air system delivers air when and where it is needed. This innovation paves the way for many others, such as a unique two stage combustion, an advanced heat recovering exhaust system, and a smart-controller that continuously monitors conditions in the stove and adjusts combustion air. As a result, the Mulciber Stove burns cleaner, more efficiently, and without the need for the extensive user attention required in competitors models.

Inhalex Therapeutics, LLC is a University of Maryland start-up that is based on a university developed technology for preventive and therapeutic strategies to address Allergy, Asthma and other Respiratory illnesses. The technology exploits proprietary immunotherapeutic compositions and the natural allergen-triggered immune response to alleviate respiratory illness associated symptoms including inflammation. The advantages of this technology over currently available strategies and therapies include, biocompatible method of intervention, and reduced dependence of anti-inflammatory drugs. Inhalex’s immediate goals are towards developing anti-allergy, asthma vaccines and eventually therapeutics.

Grip Boost, LLC has licensed a quick-drying polymer-based gel technology that can extend the life and performance of football gloves. Football players at all levels of competition, from the NFL down to youth leagues, wear tacky gloves to enhance their ability to grip the football during the game. These gloves offer football players the extra tacky grip they need to make game-changing plays. Unfortunately, these gloves lose their tackiness quickly due to intense frictional contact (e.g. glove-jerseys, glove-ground) experienced throughout practices and games during the football season; usually the tack on a pair of brand-new gloves wears down after just a few days of practice. This new solution, which is biodegradable and non-toxic, quickly reconditions the gloves to peak performance, leaves no residue on a football after a catch and is completely legal by standards put forth by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE).

FY 2014

CredentialEd licensed the Quality Management System (QMS), a unique integration and measurement process for tying specific educational content, experiential activities and individuals’ learning and assessment to workforce and academic 21st Century skills certifications and credentials of all kinds.

Custom Spray Solutions LLC (CSS) licensed technologies that will prove to be cutting edge solutions to enhance fire suppression system performance.  An accessible, advanced fire suppression design tool provides unprecedented accuracy to system designers.  Additionally, highly refined three-dimensional spray characterizations of fire suppression sprays have been achieved, thereby enabling CSS to establish a paradigm shift in fire suppression spray analysis systems.

RoboSeed LLC has a license to an innovative micro-air vehicle (MAV) technology that took an intriguing approach in a soon to be burgeoning MAV and UAV market.  The vehicle’s unique maple seed shaped wing design permits it to maneuver omnidirectionally with a 360 degree field of view camera, all while maintaining an extremely small visible airborne footprint.  The result is a finely honed, agile monocopter capable of executing fine tasks never before thought possible for reconnaissance, surveillance, terrain mapping, chemical detection, acoustic stealth and IR imaging, among other applications.

FY 2013

Streamlined Embedded Technologies, LLC has licensed software technologies that are innovative dataflow computational models including enable-invoked dataflow, targeted dataflow interchange, lightweight dataflow for highly efficient digital signal processing applications. This drastically improved data processing provides embedded software systems that utilize much less power in the multimedia applications they drive, including battery usage in mobile phones. In addition, education based tutorials are interwoven into SET LLC to propagate the business platform.

Tauros Engineering, LLC has licensed a sensor system for the detection of scour and of river migration. Bio-inspired flow sensing whiskers utilize magnetostrictive effect to enable the development of robust scour sensor arrays for detecting riverbed levels at bridge foundations. The scour sensor network employs these magnetostrictive flow sensors along the bridge pier and foundation surfaces, thereby effectively monitoring scour. An automated data interrogation system detects dynamic signals, performs sensor fault detection tests, and computes riverbed profiles at the bridge support. A competitive edge ensues through a low cost, continuous data flow, highly robust scour sensing system that is easily installed in both new and existing bridge structures.

MucoTrans, LLC located in MD is a University of Maryland initiated start-up that has licensed three University technologies that focus on mucosal vaccines and immune therapeutics. These University technologies focus on providing a universal mucosal vaccine delivery platform for transporting desired vaccine antigens and adjuvants across the mucosal epithelium barrier as well as an antibody-mediated neutralization therapeutic platform that would target specific pathogens inside the infected cells. Owing to the platform nature of this technology, several vaccine and therapeutic applications are envisioned for a wide-range of animal and human infectious diseases that are transmitted through the mucosal surfaces including human immunodeficiency (AIDS), herpes, chlamydia, tuberculosis, pneumonia, and influenza. Also, this technology is applied to deliver the immunotherapeutic agents for lowering mucosal inflammation.

SecondWrite, LLC, has licensed the first static binary rewriting technology that rewrites binaries without relocation of symbolic information of any kind. The software provides wholesale recompilation of the binary including re-doing register allocation, instruction selection, etc. Thus, binaries are rewritten without relocation and symbolic information permits those other than the original software developers to rewrite the binaries. The resulting advantages of this novel static binary rewriter are rewriting 100% of binary code with relatively no run-time increase, enforcing security on untrustworthy program codes, bypassing malicious codes hidden in the software, and rewriting obfuscated binary code, thereby preventing against future obfuscator use.


React LabsReact Labs, LLC, of Bethesda, MD, has licensed a real-time polling platform that permits people to provide instantaneous, moment-by-moment reactions to live broadcast events using mobile devices. The technology combines the reach and convenience of smartphones, the precision of traditional polling questions, the instant responses of "dial test" hardware, and the engagement users feel when generating opinions on social media. React Labs made its public debut during the October 2012 presidential debates.


MyotherapeuticsMyotherapeutics is a drug discovery and development company focused on treating largely untreated muscle disorders such as ALS, muscular dystrophies (MD) and age related muscle wasting (sarcopenia). Myotherapeutics was founded by Dr. Eva Chin, a faculty member in the Department of Kinesiology at the School of Public Health at the University of Maryland. She is an experienced drug discovery scientist with experience in early phase drug development through to Ph.2 clinical trials. Her previous positions include senior principal scientist and project manager at a major pharmaceutical firm. Currently, there are no drugs available for most of these conditions and the one drug available for treating ALS has limited efficacy and no impact on the muscle deterioration at the heart of the condition. The Company with its two pronged strategy in the form of the Therapeutics and Diagnostics divisions intends to maximize its market opportunity and limit risk.


Diagnostics anSERSDiagnostic anSERS of College Park, MD has licensed a technology for the production of low-cost ink-jet printable Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) substrates. Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) requires two components: a Raman spectrometer and a substrate. However, the sheer cost of the non-reusable SERS substrates, which are frequently manufactured in clean rooms, drastically limits its commercial potential. By using a novel ink-jet printing method, we are able to produce and sell our paper SERS substrates at a much lower price than our competition. Taking advantage of the unique wicking properties of paper, we are able to produce not only the conventional P-SERS Spot™, but also the P-SERS Swab™ and the P-SERS Dipstick™.


OtomagneticsOtomagnetics, LLC has licensed a technology to treat inner ear disease by magnetically injecting therapeutic nanoparticles from the middle ear into the inner ear. Magnetic injection promises to reduce the side effects of current treatments of inner ear maladies. Magnetic injection can reduce the whole body exposure to pharmaceuticals by treating only the infected area and by treating with drugs that cannot cross the blood-brain barrier. Also, less invasive cutting is required. Otomagnetics plans to be a leading device supplier to clinics for the treatment of middle and inner ear disease such as infections and tinnitus.

FY 2012

Prasidiux, LLC has licensed a stimulus indicating device which employs polymer gels that provide a low cost, automated, reliable, visual indication of an undesirable exposure to a predetermined stimulus over a certain timeframe. The types of stimulus inducing a transition phase within the device include characteristics such as temperature, humidity, radiation, visible light, solvent composition, pH, ionic strength, etc.


N5 SensorsN5 Sensors, Inc. of Rockville, MD has licensed a novel chemical sensor technology which combines semiconducting nanostructures together with the oxide nanocatalysts to form ultra-sensitive, highly selective, low-power, and economical chemical sensors. This technology is unique as it allows us to design micro-scale chemical sensor arrays on a single chip with tailored sensitivity and selectivity, something currently not possible with any other technology. N5 Sensors is commercializing this technology for variety of sensing applications, such as environmental monitoring, toxic chemical release detection, and industrial safety.


LMH Associates of Rockville, MD has licensed the copyrights to University of Maryland Traditions by Margaret Hall and Linda Martin, a colorful look at the variety of traditions on the University of Maryland campus. The book, which covers transitions from the look of the mascot Testudo over the years to the proper pronunciation of the many acronyms on campus, was given out to freshman students in 2011 and was an instant hit. LMH plans on expanding to cover the traditions of other universities.    


MESTMaryland Energy and Technology Systems (MEST), LLC, has licensed a novel cooling technology based upon thermoelastic shape memory alloys that will contribute to the US energy consumption reduction goals. This technology provides a coefficient of performance (COP) of a thermoelastic solid-to- solid cooling system that is up to 102% more than that of a vapor compression technology. Since the refrigerant in a thermoelastic cooling system is in a solid state, the technology completely eliminates the need for the high global warming potential halofluorocarbon refrigerants in the liquid-to-vapor systems, while requiring a smaller operational footprint.

FY 2011    

OmniSpeech, LLC, of College Park, MD has licensed a speech extraction algorithm to improve the call clarity of any communication device. The speech extraction algorithm is a speech-specific solution to the noise suppression problem. Instead of focusing on the noise, the algorithm focuses on extracting the speech out of a mixture of speech and stationary or non-stationary noise. OmniSpeech's implementation of the speech extraction algorithm is a pure software solution and requires only one microphone. Therefore it is architecture agnostic, cost effective, and can be integrated into the existing DSP chips in communication devices today or added to the firmware of existing devices as part of an over-the-air firmware upgrade.    


Trasense, LLC, of Columbia, MD, has licensed a low cost wireless sensor network for use in traffic measurement. The remote sensing system utilizes efficient energy harvesting wireless sensors that can be easily installed with a minimum of roadway and traffic disruption. Because of their low cost and ease of installation they can be used on a very large scale.

FY 2010

Omic BiosystemsOmic Biosystems, Inc., of Rockville, MD, has licensed deuterium isobaric amine reactive tag (DiART) reagents developed by University of Maryland researchers. The DiART reagents comprise heavy isotope atoms and are useful for the analysis of biological matter, more specifically the analysis of biomolecules by quantitation.


MedSense Technologies, LLC, of Oswego, IL, has licensed cost-effective sensors that have the potential to significantly improve patient monitoring during surgical procedures. The sensors can be also be used for diagnostic purposes.


VisisonicsVisiSonics Corporation, of Highland, MD, has licensed an audio camera that can "see" noise by creating audio images from sound arriving from all directions. The technology has varied applications, from pinpointing the direction of gunfire to helping architects better design concert halls. VisiSonics creates tools and applications that combine its proprietary RealSpace™ audio signal processing algorithms with computer vision that utilize NVIDIA’s CUDA parallel GPU architecture to provide a next generation of products addressing real world acoustic solutions. The products and tools being created and marketed by VisiSonics address large markets spanning consumer, industrial and security applications.


Precision Polyolefins, LLC, of College Park, MD, has licensed a proprietary manufacturing process that converts plentiful and domestically available propylene gas to pure white oils and waxes. PPL is working to establish a competitive position in the Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) synthetic base oils, lubricants, and detergents global markets ($12 billion annually). The company offers both superior performance and rapid customer-driven optimization for small to midvolume applications (500,000 to 10 million tons annually). PPL products are free of impurities and harmful chemical additives and will help manufacturers and end-use consumers to fulfill a global environmental responsibility while reducing U.S. dependence on foreign imports.

FY 2009    

RemediumRemedium Technologies, Inc. is developing products designed to stop bleeding caused by injury or surgery. The company has two products in the works: a freeze-dried sponge, to be applied directly to a wound in order to control hemorrhaging; and a spray-on liquid to treat minor bleeding and seal tissue during surgical procedures. Both products rely on a proprietary biopolymer-based material that gently adheres to tissue. The material comes off easily after the wound heals. The underlying technology received the 2008 Invention of the Year Award in Life Science. The company is located in Germantown, MD.    


FlexelFlexel, LLC is a Silver Spring, MD based company created to develop the world’s highest energy density thin film battery for public use. The technology makes possible a number of stronger, smaller electronic devices. Applications include wireless sensor networks, active RFID, wearable electronics, and medical implants. The batteries are comprised entirely of environmentally friendly material. Already attracting investments and awards, Flexel received a $25,000 grant from SAIC and is a winner of both the University of Maryland Business Plan Competition and the 2008 Invention of the Year Award in Physical Science. Flexel is currently a member of the MTECH VentureAccelerator program.

Traffax IncTraffax, Inc. introduces a revolutionary line of traffic monitoring equipment known as BluFax that directly measures travel time of vehicles on both freeways and arterials. This technology also measures pedestrian movements and provides origin-destination information needed for derivation of travel behavior. Based on Bluetooth sampling technology developed at the University of Maryland's Center for Advanced Transportation Technology, BluFax delivers a new generation of traffic data with greater precision and lower cost than previously possible. The company is located in Centreville, MD.


BioSpecimen Technologies Davis, CA

FY 2008

Columbia BioSystems, Inc. is a Columbia, MD subsidiary of Link Plus Corporation. It was founded around Dr. Peter Kofinas’ Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs) technology for the specific detection, binding, and separation of viruses. The technology can be used to develop a dialysis system consisting of custom synthesized MIPs packaged into plastic discs (cartridges) that are compatible with commercially available hemodialysis devices. This enables hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare organizations to turn existing dialysis systems into virus removal systems capable of lowering the viral load in patients with HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, or other blood-borne viruses. This technology can also be used to easily produce virus-free biopharmaceuticals and vaccines.

FY 2007

CertusNet Inc.CertusNet, Inc., located in Rockville, MD, believes that IP networks need to be self-managing, self-diagnosing, self-healing and self-optimizing for large scale deployment of real time QoS-sensitive applications. Its mission is to provide service assurance and application delivery for IP networks through real-time end-to-end traffic and service control. It offers visibility into underlying network infrastructure, traffic content, and end-customer experience, and takes proactive action to optimize the service path, and solve or mitigate problems automatically before customers complain.


Fantalgo Inc.Fantalgo, LLC creates software for high performance scientific simulation. Their approach to the rapid and accurate solution of large scale problems is based on the use of both algorithmic and architectural advances. Fantalgo is an expert on the use of the fast multipole method and other fast algorithms, and the use of graphical processors for general purpose scientific computing. The company is located in Rockville, MD.


LeukoSight, IncLeukoSight, Inc. is an early stage biotechnology company developing a line of novel therapeutics that can be used to treat autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. LeukoSight's technology promises to offer a convenient, safe, and more effective treatment option for these diseases.


SD Nanosciences, Inc., located in Beltsville, Md., is working to further develop carbohydrate-functionalized nanomaterials. Their vesicle technology, Targeted Delivery Vesicles (TDV), encapsulates and targets drugs and can be stored and shipped as a stable liquid at room temperature. SD Nanosciences also has demonstrated their TRIAD™ technology, which uses gold nanoparticle-presenting carbohydrates capable of eliciting a potent IgG response directed against polysaccharide and generates a maximal antibody response. A single dose of vaccine is sufficient to generate a maximal antibody response.


SentiMetric IncSentimetrix, Inc. offers an innovative technology framework to measure sentiments or opinions expressed in the electronic media (such as news, blogs, newsgroups) worldwide. It combines data gathering with sophisticated entity extraction and real time text analytics to track opinions expressed about any given topic. The underlying OASYS technology, on which the SentiMerix analytical services are based, won the 2006 ComputerWorld 2006 Horyzon award. In 2008, SentiMetrix was the winner of the Maryland ISR First Annual Venture Fair.


ZymetisZymetis, Inc. was founded in College Park, MD by Steve Hutcheson and Ron Weiner, professors of cell biology and molecular genetics, after discovering the unique ability of a Chesapeake Bay marsh grass bacterium to transform plants and plant waste into ethanol and other biofuels. The timeliness of the technology, introduced shortly before the U.S. Senate passed a mandate requiring oil companies to blend in 21 billion gallons of ethanol with their gasoline by 2022, has ensured its place in the $5 billion enzyme market for biofuels. Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley praised the invention, commenting that “we must continue to invest in Marylanders like Steve Hutcheson and in their revolutionary ideas to protect our environment, create jobs, and improve lives” after a March 10th viewing of the Zymetis process. Hutcheson and Weiner were recognized by OTC’s 2007 Invention of the Year Life Science Award, and offered business guidance by the MTECH VentureAccelerator program and research assistance by the MTECH Bioprocess Scale-Up Facility staff.


New AgricultureNewAgriculture, Inc. located in Port Tobacco, MD. iis a biobased products company helping build a world in which energy, chemicals and indutrial raw materials come from green plants. They plan to establish a series of “biorefineries,” which can produce renewable energy, chemicals and high-value food products from plant biomass (plant matter).  They are developing new technologies which can efficiently produce energy, proteins, and other high-value materials from plant materials.

UltraNetx LLC Columbia, MD

FY 2006

ADF Solutions, Inc.ADF Solutions, Inc. of Bethesda, MD is the global leader of forensic triage tools for rapid evidence recovery and intelligence extraction from computers and peripheral devices. The tools have a proven track record at reducing forensic backlogs, securing fast convictions, and identifying suspects who are a threat to national security. The tools are designed to be used by both technical and non technical users and are widely deployed for both field and lab investigations.


Personics Holdings, LLC Del Ray Beach, FL

FY 2005    

Chausie Systems, Inc. Chausie Systems, Inc. offers a wide range of visualization products and services based on proprietary technology. Their software solutions provide organizations with enhanced opportunities to search through vast amounts of data and immediately recognize trends and patterns within the information. Using advanced information visualization data analysis solutions while incorporating analytical and cognitive functionality allows their customers to use the right side of the brain. This will increase significantly the ability to analyze data accurately and quickly. Chausie Systems is located in Alpharetta, GA.


Komoku, Inc.Komoku, Inc., created by computer science professor William Arbaugh in 2004, was bought by Microsoft on March 20th, 2008 for its cutting edge developments in malware detection and protection. The software has been used by a number of high-security government agencies, including the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and the U.S. Department of Defense, and will now be used as Microsoft’s newest addition to its already impressive arsenal of anti-malware software. As computer viruses become more sophisticated, so too must the software to prevent them, and Komoku’s technique of real-time, independent auditing of a system’s integrity is up to the challenge.  The Columbia, MD company’s name and product line will gradually be retired and the majority of the staff will join Microsoft in the Access and Security Division.


RioRey, Inc. RioRey, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of internet security solutions that protect against Denial of Service (DOS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Their platforms embed their Micro Behavioral Analysis™ technology, recognized as an important breakthrough in the science of DDoS detection. RioRey products scale to work with the Fortune 1000, small and medium businesses, government agencies, universities, and their hosting companies worldwide to detect and stop DDoS attacks before they compromise customers' public web sites.


Berrigen Biotechnology Columbia, MD

Horus Wireless Systems Inc. Derwood, MD

Nuzzer Technologies, Inc. Derwood, MD

Tradewinds Product Consultants Inc., deploys business acumen and technical expertise to commercialize productivity tools developed by universities for use in the academic setting. Tradewinds was created to provide consulting services to small businesses, successfully commercializing their new technologies by analyzing markets and competitors, developing comprehensive product road maps, and establishing sales tools and post-sales support mechanisms.

FY 2004

Thermal Analysis Partners LLCThermal Analysis Partners LLC, based in College Park, MD, provides services and software for the optimization of thermal management and energy conversion systems. The optimization minimizes development and/or operating costs and system weight and volume while maximizing reliability and efficiency. While not all of these objectives can be addressed simultaneously at all times, TAP specializes in the multi-objective optimization of such systems satisfying as many of these requirements as realistically possible.    


COSemi Inc. Silver Spring, MD

CST Agro LLC Port Washington, NY

Data and Information Solutions Corporation (DISC) Beltsville, MD

Pervasive Technology Engineering LLC Greenbelt, MD

FY 2003

Windsor Interfaces Inc.Windsor Interfaces Inc. offers Zoomable User Interfaces (ZUIs) in PhotoMesa and DateLens. ZUIs offer an intuitive way of managing more information than fits on the screen. The user zooms out for context, then zooms in for more detail. ZUIs enable the consumer to work with more information at a time, spending less time navigating to find what they want.

AlphaSight Networks Inc. Germantown, MD    

Odexia LLC Brinklow, MD    

Phytoextraction Associates LLC Baltimore, MD    

XMTT Inc. Rockville, MD

FY 2002

Advanced Communication Technology Inc. Silver Spring, MD

Envirion Inc. Baltimore, MD

Impactrix LLC Kensington, MD    

Ondov Enterprises Clarksville, MD

FY 2001

AlphaTrek Inc.AlphaTrek Inc., located in Ashton, MD, develops and licenses RF-based location technology. These location technologies embody themselves in the PinPoint and Hours products that enable a spectrum of Real Time Location Services (RTLS). These products are the result of eight years of development and testing by leading commercial, government and academic partners and sponsors. The claim is simple: AlphaTrek offers the most accurate and cost effective methodology for mobile and RTLS applications where accurate location makes the difference.


Blue Wave Semiconductors Inc. Blue Wave Semiconductors Inc. is a global leader in developing advanced thin film and nanomaterials deposition systems, tool components, and nanotechnology-based electronic and photonic devices. Blue Wave, located in College Park, MD, specializes in:

  • Manufacturing of semiconductor materials and tools
  • Wafer heating products and processing tools for R&D
  • Innovative thin films, coatings and devices
  • RD Contracts for Department of Defense (DoD) & Large Corporations


Calibrant Biosystem'sCalibrant Biosystem's Gemini™ technology is uniquely compatible with limited protein samples procured from clinically relevant microdissected tissues. The proven platform is distinguished by its ability to provide comprehensive protein discovery from isolated and homogeneous populations of diseased cells and is the leading solution for proteomic analysis of microdissected fresh-frozen and formalin-fixed tissues. The company is located in Bethesda, MD.

Better Growth LLC Deal Island, MD

LumenLink Corporation Rockville, MD

Optical Fiber Research Resources Inc. Baltimore, MD

FY 2000

Infinera CorporationLittle Optics Inc. Columbia, MD
(Acquired by Infinera Corporation in 2007)

FY 1999

FLY OFF Inc. St. Davids, PA    

SabaTech Corporation College Park, MD    

Syscom Services Inc. Silver Spring, MD
(A subsidiary of Syscom Services Inc.)


FY 1998

Thorlabs Quantum ElectronicsQuantum Phontonics, Inc. Jessup, MD
(Merged with Coden Corp. to form Covega Technology, now part of Thorlabs Quantum Electronics)

Viridian Environmental LLC Houston, TX

FY 1997

Advanced Thermal Environmental Concepts Ltd. Advanced Thermal Environmental Concepts Ltd. provides cost-effective contract engineering and R&D services that help engineering and technology companies solve their advanced thermal management problems. ATEC delivers innovative, proprietary, thermal management solutions for a wide variety of industries. ATEC's advanced thermal management solutions address tough problems that increasingly cannot be solved with standard "off the shelf" components. The company is located in College Park, MD.

FY 1993

DAMILIC Rubber Co. Rockville, MD
(A subsidiary of DAMILIC Corp.)    

Rainbow Bridge Communications Inc. Rockville, MD

FY 1992

Marizyme Corporation Hanover, MD

FY 1988

Caliper Life SciencesNovaScreen BioSciences Corporation Hanover, MD
(Acquired by Caliper Life Sciences in September 2005)


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UMD's Neutral Buoyancy Research Facility, which simulates weightlessness, is one of only two such facilities in the U.S.